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5 Gluten Free Friendly Choices

Hands up if you’re always on the look out for gluten free friendly restaurants? We’re in Asia and it can be a challenge if you have any kind of food allergy. Vegetarian? Sure, we have chicken soup. Allergic to mushrooms? No problem, we’ll just pick them out of your curry. Whilst I’m not known for […]

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Mercado Spanish Food Market

If you hang out in the CBD and you like bowl food then Mercado Spanish Food Market may just be your new best friend. I don’t get to the CBD much these days so when I do I like to try something new. Not that bowl food is something new. It seems to be that […]

The Life Changing Bread

Do you think life changing is a bit of a stretch when you’re talking about bread? I kind of do. However, the title is catchy and it does make you wonder. Cousin K sent me the Life Changing Bread recipe a couple of months ago and I recently got around to making it. So far, […]

Baci Baci for Local Italian

Do you remember your favourite restaurant as a kid? Aside from McDonald’s, obvs. Mine was Il Tempio in Bulleen Village, Melbourne. For special occasions Mum and Dad would take us to this dinky Italian restaurant. We loved the red and white checked table cloths and old chianti bottles as candle holders. Friendly Italian waiters served us […]

Sushi Mitsuya

The Japanese have a knack of creating beautiful, unusual and divine food. My love for all things Japanese grows more with every mouthful and every visit to this unique country. Japanese restaurants in Singapore are a kind of pleasure and pain experience though. Usually they are pretty good, but the pain comes when you pay. […]

SPRMRKT at Robertson Quay

Do you get excited when a new restaurant opens close to home? Do you eagerly anticipate that it will be the perfect restaurant? Where the food is good, the service is friendly and you don’t come away feeling fleeced? I do. Hence my constant feelings of disappointment in Singapore because largely a new restaurant doesn’t […]