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10 Best Restaurants in Singapore for Visitors

Inevitably when you have visitors in Singapore they want to know about the best restaurants. I’ve written before about my number one best restaurant in Singapore to take visitors but it’s a question that crops up again and again and I’m constantly on the lookout for new potential ‘best restaurants’. Ideally the best restaurants in Singapore [...]

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Why You Can’t Trust Singapore Food Blogs

Ok, it’s time to get a bit contentious. One of the reasons I created Singapore Foodie was to  write honest food blogs for people who like the same sorts of things in a restaurant that I do. Namely; great food, decent service (I’m not asking for miracles here people), good ambience and value for the [...]

An Ang-moh’s Guide to Hawker Centres in Singapore

An Ang-moh, or Gweilo, is a slightly derogatory term used by Singapoeans and other Asians to denote us white people. There’s no getting away from it though so I’m embracing my innocent Ang-moh status and sharing my thoughts on local hawker centres. You can’t write about food in Singapore without covering the famous hawker centres [...]

Better than Good Italian Near Arab Street in Singapore

How often have you visited the area around Arab Street in Singapore (otherwise known as the Arab Quarter)? And how often have you really enjoyed the food there? I’m not talking about local food. The Murtabak at Al Tasneem is one of my 10 Best Hawker Foods in Singapore after all. And when it comes [...]

14 of the Best Things to do with Visitors in Singapore

The newest and shiniest Singapore sites often grab the headlines for tourists. And sometimes with good reason. But there’s another layer to the attractions in Singapore, a layer that is a little more off the beaten track and one that more often than not involves feasting on many of the delicacies available. My visitors often [...]

Tippling Club for Fine Dining

Ah ‘Fine Dining’, an often maligned and frequently overused term. Fine dining is not my ‘thing’ really, I often find that the term applies to restaurants that like to charge exorbitant prices for food that has been teased to within an inch of its life and lost all relationship to its original form. Tippling Club [...]