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Healthy Options for Hungry People

Don’t you just love having options? The recent influx of healthy eating options in Singapore, that are all bursting with flavour and goodness, are a welcome addition to the food scene here. I’m all for being healthy, but bland food that tastes of nothing or, even worse, bland food that’s dressed up with unhealthy sauces […]

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Hangover Brunches aka the Anti-brunch

I’m not suggesting that hangover brunches are a good thing to plan in advance, but, well actually that’s exactly what I’m suggesting….Sometimes the best solution to a heavy night is to back it up with a) some stodgy food to soak up last night’s alcohol and b) re-toxing with more alcohol! Our hangover brunch (or […]

Maggie Joan’s

I’ve just gotta get this one out to you, bad photos and all. Last week I went to Maggie Joan’s. I’d been trying for a reservation for at least two weeks, unsuccessfully, so I jumped at the chance to visit with a girlfriend who’s a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to restaurants. […]

Neon Pigeon

The first thing to note (especially you H) about Neon Pigeon is that they do not just serve pigeon 😉 and in fact they are a feature restaurant for Singapore’s Gourmet Greens, a vegetarian version of restaurant week running from November 23 to 29. Neon Pigeon have now opened for reservations (they used to be walk in […]

10 Tips for Two Days in Bangkok

This post is to share the pearls of wisdom from people who had recommendations to share with me for my two days in Bangkok last weekend. I’ve covered what we managed to fit into our brief visit, and then followed with other recommendations that I feel sure will be worth your while if you so […]

Simple and Good Middle Eastern Food

Note that much of this post was written after my first visit to the old Fill-a-Pita back in March 2015. I recently visited the slick new outlet in Nankin Row (address details below) and I’ve updated the post with pictures of Koshari Rice and new pricing. All new text is in italics.  There is one kind […]