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Hawkers Part 1: Brickworks Tacos

This post is the first in a series that I’ll be writing over coming weeks and months. Inspired by my co-worker Jonathan Faynop of I’m going to start sharing stories from some of the newer hawkers around town. These hawkers are hopefully the ones that are going to revive the trade and in doing so […]

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Suju Singapore

Singapore is a city crowded with malls. Singapore is also a city obsessed with food. It stands to reason that every mall in Singapore offers a plethora of eating choices. I’m often astounded at the sheer range of choice in any mall that I walk into. I’m also left wondering how many restaurants survive in […]

A Table for Two at Luke’s Orchard

Lunch can be such a treat. There’s nothing better than taking time out of a busy day to enjoy the luxury of a good lunch. Not that it has to be super fancy to be truly appreciated, but it’s hard to go past simple food, good company and a comfortable setting. Those who’ve been reading […]

Two New Bars Above

A quick post about two new bars and apologies for the lack of photos. I have no excuse other than laziness and distraction. However it’s still worth sharing these two new bars in town and, in fact, both within walking distance of each other. For a cold beer (and God knows we need it in […]

Art and Food Collide at Odette

Have you been to the National Gallery? If not, you really should. And ideally take a visitor, I’ve had a 100% success rate with visits to the gallery so far. The building itself is spectacular, add in the story-telling artwork, a few very good restaurants (like Odette) as well as helpful staff and you have […]

Kitchen by Food Rebel

I apologise in advance for the lack of photos for this blog. I’m so crazy for this place I visited yesterday that I had to share immediately. I had known of Kitchen by Food Rebel for a little while via one of their founders, the lovely Elika, who had emailed me in a non pushy […]