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Simple and Good Middle Eastern Food

There is one kind of food that Singapore can’t seem to get its head around. Middle Eastern food. Given that there’s a whole precinct dedicated to all things Arab and Middle Eastern you’d think that there’d be no end of good options to choose from. My personal experiences though have been decidedly disappointing. Aside from […]

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The Top 5 Comfort Foods in Singapore

After a few spells out of town followed by the onset of a nasty cold I have had serious cravings for comfort food since I returned to Singapore. It was my physio that made me think seriously about it, he’s kind of intrigued that I write a food blog about Singapore food when I’m not […]

Relaxed Fine Dining at Sorrel

I’ll pre empt this post with a warning of what not to do before embarking on a gastronomic experience at a good restaurant. Don’t go for whiskey cocktails prior to dinner, then follow up with a five course meal that includes wine pairing and a generous douse of whiskey chasers and then head back to […]

The Black Swan

I included The Black Swan in a post many months ago as one of the The Best Set Lunches in Singapore. And for good reason. The venue is wonderful, a gorgeous art deco building with soaring high ceilings and a great buzz about it. The food impressed me more than I thought it would and […]

A Quirky New Cafe

After a long spell with no coffee or cafe posts I’m now onto my second post within two weeks. I debated holding off for a while but this is too good for me to keep from you . Singapore is no stranger to shiny new cafe openings. What is unusual though is the opening of an […]

New on Keong Saik Road

Expectations can often be the killer to a good meal. So often the hype doesn’t match the experience and one leaves feeling deflated and dissatisfied. That’s why it’s always nice when you start a night out with zero expectations and you end up pleasantly surprised. Last week I’d arranged to meet someone in Keong Saik […]