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Is this the Best Set Lunch?

Of all the food related experiences I’ve had in Singapore over the past few years one of the best tips I can share is that set lunches in this town offer pretty much unsurpassed value for money. Unlike one off dining events like Restaurant Week the set lunches that are offered, at many if not most […]

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5 Quirky New Lunch Ideas

As most readers will know I prefer to leave a restaurant to find its feet before I march in and criticise. However, I’ve had a spate of catch ups and reasons to get around town recently which has given me the opportunity to try a few new places. What’s more they all offer some great new lunch ideas […]

The Knolls for Best Outdoor Brunch

Ah that old chestnut of the “The Best Brunch in Singapore,” so many choices, so many favourites, so many “Bests”. Regular readers and friends will know that my tried and true favourite for the range of food and generally the best brunch to be had, is Mezza9 at The Hyatt. Over three years of brunching […]

8 Very Different Seafood Restaurants

In Singapore one thing we’re blessed with is an abundance of not only local but spectacularly good quality seafood ingredients from around the world. As most produce in Singapore is imported anyway, seafood is but one of many fresh ingredients that demands pristine travel conditions. Any seafood restaurant serving sub par seafood in this climate […]

East Coast Italian Food

Italian food is one of my favourite comfort foods. It’s food that instantly warms the heart. Whether it’s the enticing colours of the freshest summer vegetables, simply laid out with cheese, olive oil and basil, or a hearty bowl of pasta, cooked al dente and sauced simply, Italian food can be therapeutic and immensely satisfying. […]

5 Very Special Restaurants

When it comes to choosing a really special restaurant, one where you know that a good experience is more or less guaranteed, where the food AND the service are equally excellent, and the setting is comfortable without being over the top, it is pretty hard to find contenders in Singapore. Then come other factors; what […]