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Eating and Drinking in Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik Road is doing a perfect job of representing the quintessential Singapore. Like the ever changing landscape of Singapore, Keong Saik Road moves and shakes with new and interesting openings, whilst maintaining the beating heart of old Singapore. Although the old Tong Ah Eating House location has now been converted to the cool new […]

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Indian Food for Beginners

Singapore has an abundance of Indian food choices. A large part of Singapore’s population is made up of those either from India or with family originally from India, and the culture and food habits that are so integral to an Indian upbringing can be observed all over Singapore. This, to me, is one of the […]

A Manhattan Brunch

Well it may not quite be NYC but it’s certainly closer than a 24 hour flight. Manhattan, in Singapore’s Regent hotel, is nestled in a seemingly bland lobby area where the giant doors open to reveal a smouldering 1920’s New York vibe. The Manhattan brunch is all about mood lighting, chilled out music, relaxed dining and […]

Vietnamese Food in Singapore

Like many Asian cuisines Vietnamese food is so much better when you’re eating it by a road side stall the way it was invented. Although in Melbourne we grew up with a good range of Vietnamese food options, it wasn’t until I visited Vietnam in 1999 that I really understood the beauty and simplicity in […]

8 Places to Take the Oldies in Singapore

I’m not aiming to offend anyone but recently I’ve had occasion to find restaurants that are suitable for those who are, let’s say, approaching their more mature years. I’m talking about people who’ve reached a time in their lives where work is behind them, kids are out of the way, and life has given them […]

Go Green at Bollywood Veggies

The grass sometimes really is greener. Although we live on a very small and densely populated island, Singapore has a surprising abundance of green spaces that are accessible to anyone. There are times though when the ever present drone of jackhammers drilling, horns beeping and traffic humming in the background gets on your nerves and you […]