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The Populus Coffee & Food Co

This is a hard review to write so bear with me. First of all, it’s all about brunch, again. And whilst we all like our tried and true favourites it’s also good to try something new once in a while. And so it was a couple of weeks ago when Husband and I went in […]

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Keong Saik Carnival

Keong Saik Road’s renaissance is culminating this weekend with the Keong Saik Carnival. Like the ever changing landscape of Singapore, Keong Saik Road has continued to offer new and interesting openings, whilst maintaining the beating heart of old Singapore. One of my favourite views on the street is when you look up to see the behemoth […]

Catalunya for Saturday Brunch

A post about the holy grail, a good Saturday brunch. Whilst we all know and love the famous Singapore Sunday brunches like Mezza9, Capella and La Dolce Vita, if you’re prone to over indulging then a Sunday brunch spells danger. A Saturday brunch on the other hand is a whole different ball game. Whilst it […]

Seafood and Service at Naked Finn

Singapore has unfortunately established quite a reputation for poor service. Even PM Lee Hsien Loong has remarked “that the country’s service culture [is] still not up to par.” That’s a pretty bad blow to a country relying so heavily on tourism and a thriving F&B (that’s food and beverage for those who may not know […]

Five Consistently Good Brunches

I recently posted a picture on Instagram that received a surprisingly high number of comments and likes. Surprising because I didn’t think the photo was that great, but I did think the brunch was that great. And many people commented in agreement. This got me thinking about why people were so enthusiastic about brunches. And […]

Hawkers Part 1: Brickworks Tacos

This post is the first in a series that I’ll be writing over coming weeks and months. Inspired by my co-worker Jonathan Faynop of I’m going to start sharing stories from some of the newer hawkers around town. These hawkers are hopefully the ones that are going to revive the trade and in doing so […]