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Holland Village Part II – Acai Bowls

Holland Village Part II is all about the latest health craze, acai bowls. You can read here for Holland Village Part I – The Full of Luck Club. With the Singapore Foodie app on its way I’m trying to keep a separate post for each venue. All to make it easy for you guys to read about the venues near […]

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Holland Village Part I – Full of Luck Club

What do you think about Holland Village? It’s one of those first places everyone mentions when you first arrive in Singapore. I expected a quaint English village based on the name and was hugely disappointed to discover that this ‘village’ was in fact full of chain restaurants and pubs with sticky floors. So much so […]

A Perfect Evening Out

Friends in town is always a good excuse to splash out at a nice restaurant. It’s tricky though if you’re thinking about trying something new but you don’t want to risk that’s it’s not as great as your tried and true favourites. Which is really why I write this blog, to help inform your eating […]

A Long Lunch

A long lunch is somewhat of an occupational hazard. I strategically avoid them because I know if I got into the habit of long lunches it would be a slippery slope to a nap in the afternoon and a very unproductive day (or worse). Once in a while though an occasion calls for a long […]

Super Loco Mexican Brunch

Breakfast, brunch, whatever you like to call it. My favourite meal of the day. And I really don’t like to ruin it. So when S and B suggested a Mexican brunch I was a little underwhelmed. Mexican food is generally not my first food choice. I’ve never been to Mexico and I do suspect that […]

Angeleno for Classic Italian-American Food

A few significant birthdays are rapidly approaching 😉 so I’m working on a post that includes the best birthday restaurants. Whilst I dine out a lot, when a special occasion approaches, it’s time to really put some effort into choosing a venue. What you definitely DON’T want to do for your birthday is try somewhere […]