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Monday Night Dinner

I’m not sure about you but finding a good restaurant for a Monday night can prove difficult. I realised this back in June when my birthday fell on a Monday and none of the places at the top of my list were open Restaurants have to close some time, so I guess Mondays make sense, […]

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Cure Singapore

What an apt title for a week where we’re all in need of a cure from this haze! I love the space at Andrew Walsh’s new Cure restaurant. Somehow approaching the entrance, with the bright ‘Cure’ lit up beside the door, it all seemed very London. The greeting, the friendly staff, the buzz and the […]

18 Restaurants for a Celebration

What are the key ingredients for your choice of a restaurant? I get countless texts and emails from friends and acquaintances asking, “where should I go for [pick one: dinner with my boss, dinner with my fiancee, dinner with my bosses daughters, etc]”, and the answer depends on a multitude of variables. Two weeks ago […]

10 Restaurants to Avoid the Haze

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sick and tired of this nasty haze. Have you been thinking about where you might like to eat to avoid the haze? I normally prefer outdoor venues but here are 10 venues where I really enjoy sitting inside and soaking up the atmosphere. Raffles Place: Stellar at 1 Altitude If […]

Fine Dining at Les Amis

From traditional hawker fare last week, this week I’m taking you to the other end of the spectrum, to fine dining at Les Amis, a stalwart of the Singapore restaurant scene. Ok so I’m not actually taking you there. Because I’m still paying off last Friday’s dinner 😉 but I’ll take you on a little journey […]

Nasi Lemak Kukus

What is THE quintessential Singaporean dish? Chicken rice? Bak Chor Mee? Laksa? Nasi Lemak?  Our unique location, pretty much in the middle of South East Asia, has meant we’re blessed with an abundance of food influences from around the region. This often begs the question of what is a truly Singaporean dish? I’m going to […]