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Michelin Starred Restaurant André

12 courses. Four hours. One amazing chef. Restaurant André is all that you might imagine and more. It seems appropriate to write about André now that his restaurant has finally received its coveted two Michelin stars. I’d love to know what you think about Michelin – please share any thoughts below!  I’m a skeptic of […]

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A Ninja Bowl of Deliciousness

Are you a fan of the bowl food trend? Did you know that food tastes better when it’s served in a bowl? I guess that’s why there’s a whole lot of places like Ninja Bowl currently serving up food in a bowl around Singapore at the moment. There’s actually evidence to support this theory too. Apparently it’s […]

Dog Friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Robertson Quay

If you have furry friends you might find this list of dog friendly cafes and restaurants helpful. We occasionally dog-sit @mytwohoundsplusOB a super cute threesome full of love and life. They’re also more than a little rambunctious! Which really means they’re too naughty to be taken out to restaurants – right M? Recently we took them along Robertson Quay as an experiment. The […]

A Salad Near Little India

“A Salad Near Little India” is a weird name for a blog post I’ll admit. I happen to work near Little India and salads are few and far between. Whilst there’s a magnificent selection of food choices, finding food that’s healthy is another story entirely. Last week when I discovered Happy Tummy, a friendly little […]

Five Ideas for a Wednesday Off

A Wednesday holiday. What a waste of a holiday day you say? Not so much for all those with family in town, and especially those celebrating the breaking of fast. But for the rest of us, well, if you don’t want to take another two days off then you may find yourself at a bit […]

Friday Night Drinks in the City

There’s something about Friday night drinks that makes them better than any other night. Don’t you think? It’s the end of the week, and even if you have to work on the weekend, it feels like time to celebrate. And if there’s no excuse for a splurge then it doesn’t get better than sitting around […]