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korean dessert

5 Cool Desserts in Singapore

A confession to start. I am far from an expert on desserts. Desserts in Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter, have never featured heavily in my posts because I tend to prefer a savoury finish to a meal. However, as with anything I don’t know well, I like to enlist the help of experts […]

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Indian Suvai Festival 2015

Hello lovely readers, This is a very quick post to share with you a great food festival event on this weekend in Singapore. The Suvai Festival is the Indian contribution to Singapore’s Food Festival that runs until 2nd August. The event takes place in the grassy area that sits between Tan Quee Lan Street, Rochor Road and North Bridge Road. […]

Sacha & Sons – A New York Deli

I still remember the very first time I went to New York. 20 years old, fresh off the boat and outside Australia for the first time. My bestie and I had done about a month in the States by the time we flew into JFK. I had a bit of an American obsession growing up; […]

Healthy Food in Singapore

This week was going to be the week for a post about desserts that I’ve been working on forever. As regular readers would know I’m not a huge dessert fan so it has taken me some time to build up a repertoire of dessert related venues for you to enjoy. Currently though I’m in the […]

Food Tours in Singapore

Food tours in Singapore are surprisingly thin on the ground. When I first started Singapore Foodie I hoped to make food tours a part of the Singapore Foodie offering but alas the rules and regulations in Singapore made things a bit too tricky for me. Now that I’m a PR (permanent resident) food tours are […]

Eating and Drinking in Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik Road is doing a perfect job of representing the quintessential Singapore. Like the ever changing landscape of Singapore, Keong Saik Road moves and shakes with new and interesting openings, whilst maintaining the beating heart of old Singapore. Although the old Tong Ah Eating House location has now been converted to the cool new […]