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spaghetti vongole

East Coast Italian Food

Italian food is one of my favourite comfort foods. It’s food that instantly warms the heart. Whether it’s the enticing colours of the freshest summer vegetables, simply laid out with cheese, olive oil and basil, or a hearty bowl of pasta, cooked al dente and sauced simply, Italian food can be therapeutic and immensely satisfying. [...]

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5 Very Special Restaurants

When it comes to choosing a really special restaurant, one where you know that a good experience is more or less guaranteed, where the food AND the service are equally excellent, and the setting is comfortable without being over the top, it is pretty hard to find contenders in Singapore. Then come other factors; what [...]

FOC (by Nandu Jubany)

After what was essentially an anti-hipster post last week I’m taking you to the complete opposite end of the spectrum this week. I normally try not to get too caught up in the hype of new restaurant openings in Singapore. One because I physically couldn’t manage to get to them all even if I wanted [...]

The Rituals of Tea Tasting

Tea is not really my thing. I’ve been a coffee drinker since I started drinking Italian espresso and cappuccino in my teens. Every now and then I’ll have a typically English cup of black tea with a little milk and sugar or perhaps a peppermint tea in the evenings to help me digest a huge meal. [...]

10 Best Restaurants in Singapore for Visitors

Inevitably when you have visitors in Singapore they want to know about the best restaurants. I’ve written before about my number one best restaurant in Singapore to take visitors but it’s a question that crops up again and again and I’m constantly on the lookout for new potential ‘best restaurants’. Ideally the best restaurants in Singapore [...]

How to Avoid OR Embrace the Singapore Grand Prix

Whether you love it or hate it the Singapore Grand Prix is about to take over our streets once again. Here are some ideas to keep you in the action or out of the action as the mood takes you (and don’t worry, most of them involve food in some way ) Avoid the Grand [...]