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kilo salmon bowl

Kilo at Pact

A few months ago I started working at an office near Somerset and I’ve been on the lookout for good eating in the area. I wrote about Shin-Sapporo last week, where the ramen definitely ticked the box for a hearty and reasonably priced lunch. This week’s review is for Kilo at Pact where the set […]

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A Beginners Guide to Japanese Restaurants

I have a confession. Japanese restaurants and Japanese food scares me. There are so many unusual aspects and elements, names and terms, not to mention flavours and textures, that are all so foreign to what I’m used to as a westerner. Sushi and sashimi have been regular features of my eating life for a long […]

Discovering Japanese BBQ

Yazawa comes to you direct from Tokyo. Not exactly but almost. I was in Tokyo on the weekend so I’m revived in my absolute wonderment and love for all things Japanese. It was actually during our stay there in July last year when we were recommended to try Yazawa restaurant near to where we stayed. […]

Singapore Foodie in 2015

Hello beloved readers I hope you’ve all had a great start to 2015 and you’re facing the oncoming year with enthusiasm and optimism. Here at Singapore Foodie there are a few forces making waves this year. Whilst the blog will continue to provide the best impartial and independent content, I also want to make a few […]

The Colour of the Season

I wasn’t going to blog between Christmas and New Year but two occasions have impressed me enough to share them with you. Both have black at the absolute core of their being. I know black is not technically a colour, and this season is all about colour, but both these reviews left me reeling from […]

Hawker Food off the Beaten Path

As we charge headlong into the season of excess, a season mainly focussed on western food culture; turkey with all the trimmings, fresh seafood, Brussels sprouts, Christmas pudding with brandy cream and more, I thought you may like to see some good alternatives for the meals in between. It’s also a time when many of […]