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nasi lemak set

Nasi Lemak Kukus

What is THE quintessential Singaporean dish? Chicken rice? Bak Chor Mee? Laksa? Nasi Lemak?  Our unique location, pretty much in the middle of South East Asia, has meant we’re blessed with an abundance of food influences from around the region. This often begs the question of what is a truly Singaporean dish? I’m going to […]

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Long Chim, Singapore

The first big surprise about Long Chim is its charm. Charm is not a word I would usually associate with anything in the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) complex. It’s generally a soulless place, adorned with fakery and odes to our consumer fetishes, its cavernous interior all glass and metal and garish. Not to mention that it’s […]

6 Great Spaces for Eating Outdoors

Not everyone loves this hot and humid climate, I certainly have my moments of seeking solitude in air conditioned comfort, but overall if there’s any kind of breeze (fan assisted or not) then I love sitting outside to eat. I think it’s because, even after four years in Singapore, somehow the idea of sitting in […]

Ideas for Eating Near Kampong Glam

This post is a little random so please bear with me. It’s not sponsored (none of my posts ever are but I just want to make sure you realise that 😉 ) and my aim as usual is to help you all find the best places to eat. Today we take a peek into the area of […]

It Takes Brawn & Brains

After only a year in business at the tiny premises just off Guillemard Road Brawn & Brains have made the move to a bigger space just around the corner. This is great news for all the regulars who have been vying for seating space, particularly on the weekends. With previous seating capacity for only around […]

10 Alternatives for SG50 

How will you be celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday? Whether you’re jetting off to take advantage of the 4 day holiday, or staying put to soak up the celebrations, there are loads of activities taking place over this weekend and continuing long after the SG50 weekend is over. For those staying in town, your choice is […]