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The New Quayside Vibe

If you haven’t been to Quayside at Robertson Quay for a while, you’re in for a treat. After months (feels like years) of reconstruction work, the whole area has re-opened with a slick new look and great options for eating out. The Quayside area, so named for the condo at 60 Robertson Quay, offers you […]

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Kith Cafe – Choose from 8 Locations

Kith Cafe is one of the first cafes I visited in Singapore, 6 years ago when I arrived, that gave me hope for a decent cup of coffee. The branch on the river is still my favourite, just not on the weekend when its jammed with kids. The riverside location, outdoor seating and good ranging […]

13 Ideas for Lunch on National Day

Lunch on National Day might just be the perfect solution to a hump day. National Day falls on a Wednesday this year, this coming Wednesday to be precise, which means we get a public holiday! Yay! Except that a public holiday on a Wednesday is not the most useful day to have off. What a […]

Cheek by Jowl – A Lunch Treat

You may recall that I featured Cheek by Jowl in a post I wrote last year called ‘A Perfect Evening Out’. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner there and were very impressed by the husband and wife team behind the venture. Which is why I’m delighted to say that Rishi and Manuela were rewarded with a […]

The Salted and Hung Brunch

Salted and Hung has been a firm favourite of mine for just over a year now. I’ve been several times for lunch and dinner and I can confidently say there is really very little to fault Salted & Hung. This is one of the reasons I’m writing about it. If you haven’t been, you really […]

Bakalaki – A Greek Feast

Bakalaki is actually a hybrid word from Bakaliko, which coincidentally is the Greek version of last week’s post, meaning a store with flavours, scents and colours and Meraki which represents love, spirit and soul. Bakalaki is the latest Greek restaurant to hit our shores. I can count on one hand the number of Greek restaurants I […]