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Baba Chews Peranakan Food

It stands to reason that a trip to the East Coast and Joo Chiat should involve Peranakan food. The area around Joo Chiat has some of the best Peranakan architecture around. In fact Joo Chiat has been identified as a heritage town in Singapore, specifically because of its significance to Peranakan culture.  The shophouses, the […]

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One Kind House on the East Coast

I have a love-hate relationship with the East Coast in Singapore. Being a city dweller, and one with no car, it’s easier to stay close to home. Within 5km of home there must be at least 1,500 restaurants and cafes to visit so why travel further? Well of course there are plenty of reasons why […]

An Edgy Brunch at Pan Pacific Hotel

The first thing to say about the brunch at Pan Pacific hotel is that it’s big. The brunch at Pan Pacific hotel is so big that it actually slowed me down. Each time I approached the vast displays of decadent food I was left reeling. The choice is so great and the food looks so […]

Healthy Eating at Kitchen by Food Rebel

Kitchen by Food Rebel has been has been a great healthy eating option since around March this year. That was when I first visited and was dazzled by the gluten free brownies (pictured below). Since then I’ve introduced Husband to this CBD eatery with lots of healthy eating choices. He’s been back several times as have […]

The Dazzling Salted and Hung

Rarely do I find myself so taken with a restaurant that I visit twice in a month. Salted and Hung managed to win me over enough to feed me twice within two weeks. As the name suggests, Salted and Hung is a reference to the curing, or preparing, of (mostly) meat. And whatever is being […]

Shin Minori Japanese Buffet

One of my favourite things about Japanese food is the diversity. From sashimi to noodles to wagyu to fugu to ramen to tempura to shabu shabu, the list is almost endless and it’s most definitely wondrous. Whilst I love a sushi bar I generally would prefer to enjoy a selection of Japanese food as opposed […]