Spago – A Review x Two

I’ve been meaning to write about Spago for ages. Ever since, nearly a year ago, my running group decided to visit the Spago lounge for drinks one evening. I rolled my eyes as I do when it’s anything to do with Marina Bay Sands, but dutifully obliged. Of course I discovered, again, that I shouldn’t […]

Ladies’ Night at O’Batignolles

I’m not normally a big one for Ladies’ Night. Wednesday night is a bit early in the week for me, usually I’m still recovering from the previous weekend 😉 On occasion though, if there’s a reason to go out on Wednesday and it happens to be a group of ladies, I’m all for getting a […]

The Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar

The Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar opened recently up at, you guessed it, Dempsey. Google it and you end up at a site called COMO Dempsey. The ‘COMO’ is part of the COMO Hotels & Resorts group – the one I fell in love with after a trip to their Cocoa Island resort in the Maldives. […]

Hawkers with that One Star Quality

I wonder how Singapore’s fanciest restaurants felt when they were gazumped by hawkers at the launch of The Michelin Guide in 2016?  The guide, like Asia’s 50 Best or whatever other guide du jour, is just that, a guide. I don’t pay it much attention and I’m certainly not interested in queueing for hours on […]

Firebake for a Bread Spread

I read about Firebake back in April and a trip to the East Coast on the weekend was the perfect opportunity to give them a try. I’ll be honest, I didn’t do much research  beforehand, but I established they had a breakfasty/brunchy kinda menu and that was enough for me. Given that my friends had walked […]

I scream, you scream, we all scream ICE-CREAM!

I know, weird for me, a non-dessert person, to write a whole post about ice-cream! I couldn’t not tell you about this place though. Butterknife Folk set up business last year, right on River Valley Road, pretty much at the entrance to my condo. And how’s this for a tagline, “Our job is to make […]

Singapore Foodie for Pink Dot 

You may have heard of Singapore’s annual LGBT Pride Event, Pink Dot. You may not think this has anything to do with food. But you’d be wrong so bear with me. Following the continued success of the event over the years the government has slapped down some very medieval rules around who and how the […]

Real Food Becomes Really Cool

Every cloud has a silver lining and this week it’s in the form of Real Food moving to Orchard Central. I was more than a little sad when Kilo at Pact moved from their uber cool space at Orchard Central, it was a great place to go for healthy food that didn’t cost the earth. […]

Fill-a-Pita Gets a New Menu

Fill-a-Pita has long been my go-to for Middle Eastern food. I first started going to Fill-a-Pita when it was a hawker stall on Shenton Way. The fresh falafels and hummus won me over from the very beginning. Ingredients were all fresh and homemade, fully vegetarian (with vegan choices as well) and friendly staff. Their move to […]

For a Rosé Kind of Day

The tropics are pretty much the perfect environment for enjoying rosé, on any day. Over the last six years of my life here I’ve developed quite a penchant for a pinky coloured wine. During that time there has been somewhat of a trend evolving towards pink coloured drinks, and the benefits are many for us in […]