5 Brand New Brunches

It’s always good to know about new brunches. Most of you have probably heard by now that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. But on a weekend breakfast moves into brunch mode. There’s not only time to chill out but the weekend is always an excuse to splurge on something special. Ideally, if I’ve done a bootcamp session, I can justify a meal that gets me through to the late morning and afternoon. As my regular readers will know I am very partial to an egg or two for breakfast or brunch. Given my rather frequent ventures out for brunch though, and the fact that often brunch is veering more on the side of lunch, it’s good to have some alternative options up my sleeve. Here are five new brunches to try for something a teensy bit different, plus a few old favourites for you too.

House of AnLi Bistro

House of AnLi Bistro occupies a gorgeous sunny spot, with floor to ceiling bay windows overlooking lush greenery, super comfortable chairs, and lots of lovely homewares dotted around for you to admire. The service is good, the food menu offers a few standard options but also a few things out of the ordinary, and they serve really good coffee. Just don’t let the fact that it’s on the third floor of Tanglin Mall put you off.

What might put you off is the crowds. My visit to House of AnLi was strategically timed to avoid the throng of prams and people that tend to visit during standard eating hours. We went for lunch here at 2pm and all was delightful. Bear that in mind if you do want to visit though.

I went for the, rather unusual, Ghentse Waterzooi ($26++), a Flemish soup that’s a bit like a roast chicken dinner in soup form. The leg of chicken was super succulent, the broth was rich but still light and the veggies were clean and fresh. I was surprised that the soup was creamy but it wasn’t overly rich, and had a clean, fresh zestiness to the flavour. My partner in crime went for a super healthy broccoli, warm spinach, pine nuts and Greek feta salad ($26++).

There are two other exciting features at House of AnLi, one is the coffee ($5.50++ for a big cup) and the other is the option to enjoy a champagne with your meal. The coffee, to my happy surprise, was smooth, creamy and quite strong (I did ask for a 3/4 full cup to make sure it wasn’t too milky).
House of AnLi
#03-17 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore
The entrance is the back of the main homewares shop of the same name
Open daily from 9am to 9pm
phone +65 6235 3851

Fat Lulu’s

Being that Fat Lulu’s is a meat and dessert kind of place, you might not think it would work for brunch. You’d be wrong though. It certainly worked for me and Husband. When I say that, it comes with a small caveat. I’ll tell you about the good bits first though. Fat Lulu’s is the new set up in place of Five & Dime on River Valley Road. The chefs are the same but their focus has changed. One is a bit of a fire starter and likes to barbecue. The other is a dessert king. I was a little intrigued so we decided to check it out for brunch one Saturday.

I went without eggs in place of a gorgeous braised beef cheek ravioli ($26++ I think). Husband went for the rack of lamb ($29++). Pretty hard core for brunch right? The food was fabulous. The ravioli was rich, buttery and the meat was tender and flavoursome. The lamb was cooked medium rare and served with cubes of potato gratin.

Husband enjoyed the perfectly cooked and well seasoned meat and the creamy potatoes and even shared some with me so I can vouch for it too. Husband also enjoyed his Brewdog Dead Pony ($13++) and a glass of prosecco ($14++) went down very well for me.

The caveat I mentioned is that my ravioli arrived first, and I had completely finished it (sharing of course) before Husband’s lamb arrived. Whilst Fat Lulu’s isn’t a fancy restaurant by any means, the prices mean you’re paying good money and I expect that I’ll be served at around about the same time as my dining partners. To finish my entire meal before there was any sign of his was pretty poor. I made a point to give feedback about this and luckily the food was good enough that I’ll return for more, but if the service pulls a stunt like that again I’ll be outta there for good. I would suggest you make a reservation, they were almost full when we arrived at around 12pm on a Saturday.
Fat Lulu’s
297 River Valley Road, Singapore
phone +65 9236 5002

Kith Cafe at Winsland House

On a recent Saturday we visited Kith at Winsland House (on Oxley Rise). This is a decidedly uncool location, very quiet and residential and the only retail outlet to speak of in this little block. There are many upsides to all this though. One, there are no horrendous queues on weekends. Two, there are no hordes of children. Three, there is ample seating, both outside and inside.

The brunch menu at Kith is available until 5pm. There’s also a full wine list including organic and biodynamic wines at very reasonable prices. Glasses start at a very reasonable $12++ each. Plus there’s all the juices and smoothies and coffees and teas you’d expect.

As to the menu, again, it’s very extensive. There’s a huge choice of pastas, sandwiches, light lunches and heartier options. On our visit Husband went for a relatively simple pasta of chorizo and prawns ($22++). The sizing was decent but not overly generous. He was very happy with the flavours though and did leave full enough once he’d had a coffee. I very nearly tried the Linguine Vongole, but veered instead towards one of my all time faves, smashed avocado with poached eggs ($16++).

The very generous portion of smashed avo was resting on a bed of kale on top of two giant slices of toasted sourdough, with a couple of tomato slices thrown in and topped with walnut pesto. Phew. That was a mouthful to write and also a mouthful to eat! It needed a little extra salt but aside from that this was my perfect, not too decadent brunch. And, I have to say, very reasonable value.

On top of that the service was wonderful. Really friendly and attentive at all times. And, given that it’s a three minute walk from home, I’ll be back soon.
Kith at Winsland House
163 Penang Road, #01-01
Winsland House II, Singapore
phone +65 6235 0582

Fat Prince

I owe this brunch to my friend A, she invited me for a tasting at Fat Prince just as I was about to finish this write up. Being that I had already visited Fat Prince on a previous occasion I feel that my brunch visit, whilst it was a media invite, can complement my earlier impressions. The Fat Prince brunch ticked my box of that something a little out of the ordinary for brunch. You won’t find an Eggs Benedict or a Granola on this brunch menu that’s for sure. And given my slight obsession with scrambled eggs at the moment it also worked well from that perspective.

I do wish I’d visited with more people so that a few more dishes could be tried. Some of the sweeter items sounded delicious. Like the Clotted Cream and Honey or Turkish Fried Dough with sour cherry jam, halva and hazelnut chocolate.

Savoury’s more my thing though so I went for the Roasted Mushroom Menemen. Menemen is a typical Turkish dish that combines eggs, tomato, green peppers and spices. There are two variations on the menu at Fat Prince, aside from the veg version I chose there was also the pork sausage version. Which is, of course, what Husband chose.

The serving sizes were super generous, both of us were starving and we still struggled to finish. The highlight of mine was the shaved Antep cheese, a light and silky cheese that added a creaminess to the dish. Eggs included a gentle amount of spice and were cooked nicely. The crispy kale on top was also delicious. The Menemen dishes were served with toast and a small salad of cucumber, tomato and olives. My only complaint was that it was difficult to get your eggs onto the toast because of the skillet. But because it was so lovely I’ll take that 😉

Next time I’m going for the Falafel Scotch Egg, mmmm. You can read a full review of Fat Prince here.
Fat Prince
48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore
phone +65 6221 3683
Brunch is served from 11.30am to 3pm on weekends
Dinner is served from 6pm to 12am Monday to Saturday
A free flow brunch is offered on weekends from $68++


As far as exciting brunches go I wouldn’t necessarily put Ronin down as one to watch. They do however do a very decent scrambled eggs. I’ve also got my eye on the French Toast with bacon but I can never get my head around the savoury and sweet combination.

What I like about Ronin is that you can simply have toast with eggs ($11++), or you can add on all the accompaniments you like. I was feeling relatively healthy so I just went with spinach and mushrooms (an extra $7++). The portobello mushroom was pretty full on and I have to say that it could have done with a little more butter to minimise the earthy flavour. The eggs, toast and spinach were gorgeous though. Lovely and creamy eggs and I ended up eating a whole plateful. I particularly enjoyed the toast, it was well toasted and there was a mix of wholegrain and sourdough. Coffee at Ronin is good too, the lovely Jane always makes me a perfectly strong flat white to take away in my Keep Cup 🙂
17 Hong Kong Street, Singapore
Open 8am to 6pm every day

And 3 Less New but Still Good Brunches

Sad to report that I couldn’t include Thirteen Duxton Hill in my new brunches post because they’ve closed down. Only about three months after opening! Very sad news, I haven’t got to the bottom of it yet but I’ll let you know if I do.

Curious Palette

Curious Palette is no newcomer. I’ve been walking past their cute little shophouse for a couple of years now. The space was opened by the same team from Strangers’ Reunion in Kampong Bahru and you can see the similarities. What they’ve done with the space is very cool, it’s bright and airy and even when it looks full you can usually find a seat upstairs.

The coffee is very good but I also like the food menu that has some super interesting egg dishes. My crab cake was the winner of our recent brunch here. I wrote all about it in this review.
Curious Palette
64 Prinsep Street, Singapore (close to Selegie Road)
phone +65 6238 1068

Grounded Coffee

My tried and true go to on the weekend has always been Common Man Coffee Roasters. But because the queues can be so bad we often just head to Grounded Coffee upstairs for one of the super healthy redemption bowls. It’s now one of my favourites. You can read more here
Grounded Coffee
22 Martin Road, Level 2
Open 7 days 7.30am to 6pm

Open Door Policy

I’m loving the #GFDF menu at ODP. The gluten free dairy free thing has really gripped ODP since the chef had some stomach problems a few years ago. The entire menu is now gluten and dairy free, but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m working on a whole new write up about ODP but you can read about their brunch here.
Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore
Open every day for lunch from 12pm to 3pm, dinner from 6pm to 11pm (bar open to midnight on Friday and Saturday), brunch on Sat, Sun, PH from 11am to 3.30pm
Phone +65 6221 9307

Do you have any new brunches you’d like to share?


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