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tori option1I may not be Singaporean by birth but I love the food that can be found on our little red dot. What I like less is that many food blogs in Singapore are based on experiences that are sponsored or on media tastings, experiences that the average punter has no access to and that skew the outcome in favour of the restaurant. I’ve made it my mission to independently seek out the best places to eat and to share my curated lists on this public blog.

I’m a food and travel writer who grew up in Melbourne but has since made her home in Sydney, Salt Lake City, London and now Singapore. I’ve been featured in Singapore’s Expat Living magazine, Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia magazine, Bites magazine and many online publications.  I work on a range of freelance projects from writing to content curation and consulting and my work has been featured by Expat Living, Jen’s City Adventure by Hotel Jen, mygola and Transitions Abroad. If you’re interested in hiring me on a freelance basis please contact me via victoria@singaporefoodie.com.

Dining out in Singapore is not without its foibles. There are two extreme ends of the spectrum from super cheap and good hawker food to exhorbitantly priced meals by Michelin starred chefs. The bit in the middle is another story all together. I mostly write about the restaurants or hawker food that warrant a return visit, but I’ll include others that may not be up to scratch too, so you get the whole story.

Dining out to me is about the whole experience.  Sure, the food has to be good, that’s pretty much a given. And in Singapore the food can definitely be good. But it may bear no relationship to what you paid for it or the other elements of the dining experience.

I want you to avoid these kind of problems, and show you the great eating and drinking options that exist here, so that you can always experience the best dining that Singapore has to offer, ideally without breaking your budget. Mind you, I also have a few suggestions of great places to go should you wish to splurge a little. But my suggestions will be for places where you don’t come away feeling like you spent a lot of money on something that frankly wasn’t worth it. I find those experiences soooo disappointing and it’s for that reason that I don’t do media tastings or sponsored posts. Everything you read here has genuinely been paid for and experienced by moi.

If you like what you read on these pages then please let me know, but I’d also like to know if you think there are ways I can improve the site. I’ve created Singapore Foodie for people who live here and visitors so if you can think of better ways for me to share my foodie knowledge, or places you’d like to see me review then please contact me, I would genuinely love to hear from you. 

Given the copious hours I spend researching and reading about food and restaurants and such I thought you may find it useful to know of other great food blogs and websites out there, so here’s a list.

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