Bistecca for Steak in Singapore

the outside of bisteccaBistecca is a Tuscan themed steakhouse on a busy restaurant thoroughfare in Singapore. There is a terrace at the front with four tables and then several rooms inside that all look into the glass walled kitchen. It’s there you can see your steak searing over charcoal and you know it’s the real deal.

Impressively the menu is written in Italian and English which I always think denotes some sort of authenticity. Another good sign was the prosecco, a crisp and light glass of bubbles for $14 per glass. Prosecco is often used as a cheap substitute for Champagne and can be inferior, but the one at Bistecca is suitably dry with none of the nasty aftertaste you get from a lesser quality Prosecco.

The service we experienced was a little patchy, everyone was very friendly and helpful but there seemed to be several different people serving us which was confusing and resulted in a lack of consistency. What was impressive was that our first bottle of wine seemed very slightly corked but we had said it was ok. As time went on though it became clear that the wine was slightly over the edge of being corked, our waitress (she could have been an owner) noticed that we were not happy and offered to take the bottle price off the bill. Very good service given that we’d already had at least half a bottle. The next bottle, a Malbec, was excellent.

The menu is mostly standard Italian fare, with a sharp focus on the meat for obvious reasons. We skipped entree and moved straight to the main event. Complimentary bread with balsamic vinegar and good olive oil was brought to our table whilst we waited.

The steak is indeed impressive. The two choices were Rump or Fillet ($48 and $58 respectively) and the Rump was a winner hands down. Perfectly cooked and nicely seasoned, it arrived with two sauces (salsa verde and mushroom in this case). The salsice e fagioli (sausage and beans) was a little disappointing. It was slightly cold and although the sausage was very tasty, it seemed to have been over boiled and as a result was very tough to cut.

Sides of broccoli and creamed spinach were good but the patate arrosto (roast potato) seemed to have been cooked earlier and re-heated so lacked the nice crunch of a good roast potato.

We paid $105 per head, this included one bottle of red wine at $120, plus pre dinner drinks for four and mains for four. It should be noted that a colleague paid for this meal.

Bistecca | Tuscan Steakhouse
25 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore, 238969
phone +65 6735 6739


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