Fat Prince Middle Eastern

I love the exoticism of Middle Eastern interiors. At Fat Prince it’s the little touches like hand imported tiles on the bar, adorable Turkish coffee cups and skillets for cooked eggs that bring an authentic taste of Turkey to downtown Peck Seah Street. Then there’s The Ottoman Room out the back.

The room has been luxuriously decorated with velvet chairs that supply not only comfort but a cosy atmosphere as well. If you’re wondering what the difference is between The Ottoman Room and Fat Prince, there’s not too much. Both have been lovingly decorated with Middle Eastern touches, the entrance to Fat Prince is also the entrance to The Ottoman Room, and there are different menus offered at each for dinner. At brunch both spaces serve the same brunch menu.

I haven’t been to The Ottoman Room for dinner but I’m going to book. They have the equivalent of Middle Eastern Dim Sum trolleys that make their way around the room with a range of snacks to complement your main meal. The seating is sumptuous and has that look like you could easily settle in for a long night with good friends, food and wine.

Fat Prince is a teensy bit more casual. There’s bar seating and table seating and a good buzz around. The description of Kafe*Bar*Kebab slightly underplays the very well decorated room and the standards of food and service. But I like the idea. So much so that I wrote about my brunch visit to Fat Prince in my post about New Brunches this week.

Whilst my brunch visit was courtesy of my friend, A, my dinner visit was entirely independent. Unfortunately my photos from my dinner were horrendous due to the dim lighting.

I do remember how we enjoyed the Fat Prince Hummus ($12++) and especially the Harra Potatoes ($12++). The potatoes were addictively crispy and spiced with Middle Eastern spices. I also remember that the salads we ordered were a little too ‘dressed’ and that next time I’d ask for dressings on the side. The components were all good but everything just felt a bit heavy.

We really enjoyed the kebabs ($8++ each) and would probably have ordered more of those given their fairly small size. We went for spicy beef adana, sweet chilli lamb and a halloumi kebab. Kebabs are served with pita, salads and lots of condiments. They’re fresh and zesty and the meat in particular was very tender.

One other great feature is that Fat Prince offer AIX Rose ($85++) which goes a treat with Middle Eastern food. Also on the beverage front, another great credential of Fat Prince is that they charge $1 per person for a water donation and then refill your filtered water throughout your meal.

My suggestion is to visit with a big group so you can enjoy as many of the menu choices as possible.

Fat Prince
48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore
phone +65 6221 3683
Brunch is served from 11.30am to 3pm on weekends
Dinner is served from 6pm to 12am Monday to Saturday
A free flow brunch is offered on weekends from $68++


  1. Hey Tori, we went to Fat Prince for dinner with a group of 8 after I read your review and it was delish! In addition to the hummus, potatoes, and kebabs, we also had the baba ganoush and cauliflower which were fantastic too.

    Unfortunately, we were only given a 2 hour sitting which goes by very quickly when you have a big group with cocktails, wine and food to consume. Maybe we were slow eaters but before we knew it, we were being handed the bill which was disappointing as I had wanted to sample dessert (and maybe more wine too). It’s so hard to get a big group together sometimes and I felt our merriment was definitely cut short prematurely. I’d go back but with a max of 4 next time!

    • Hey Mapes, so glad you enjoyed the food and drinks, but that’s a disappointing end to a meal 🙁 I hear you about organising big groups and one of my pet hates is the timed reservation bookings. I think that if you’re still paying for drinks and dessert etc then they should try to accommodate you. I’ll mention this to my friend 🙂


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