FOC Sentosa

FOC Sentosa has given me a great excuse to write about Sentosa after a long while. I go through love-hate phases with Sentosa. I mostly quite like it, there’s a holiday vibe, there’s the beach, and lots of options for things to do. Not that I’d live there or anything 😉 The main issue though is the transport. Getting over there is usually not too bad, but getting stranded once you’re there is a nightmare. If you end up on the piece of road that only has the public bus, you can spend ages getting from A to B.

The Space

FOC Sentosa poses no such problems. The location, at Palawan Beach, means you can get a taxi straight to the door. Which also means that if it’s tipping down with rain you can arrive relatively unscathed. Which was handy on our visit I can tell you.

Seating at FOC Sentosa is split into two main sections. The main area has tables, mostly inside, with some out on a covered deck (that does get wet if it really rains). Next to that there is a bar area that looks out over the pool, and serves a reduced menu. We were in the restaurant on our visit. I can imagine evening would be nice having a few tapas and drinks in the bar area though.

Excellent Service

As most of you know, it is very rare that I’d start a blog post about good service. In this case though I have to call out the great service we received on our visit. Staff were extremely knowledgable, from the guy explaining the different fishes of the day to the thorough explanation I received about the Eggplant Sobrassada that left me gob-smacked. Thumbs up and thank you FOC!


Again, hard to fault. We enjoyed each of our tapas, and our finale of paella, was stellar. I can’t recall the last time I had a good paella. The meat or seafood is so often over-cooked or under-cooked so even if the rice is good, the dish is ruined. Our friends who are Sentosa residents (!) and have visited FOC Sentosa before, picked the Iberian pork paella. The rich rice was complemented beautifully by small knuckles of pork (I’m not sure if they weren’t knuckles but they were finger sized bones) where the meat simply fell from the bone. Crispy chorizo pieces in between added a tasty bite. And the piece-de-resistance was undoubtedly the crispy edges, we devoured the whole dish even though we were all pretty full by this stage.

Other highlights were the octopus (always a winner at FOC) and the patatas bravas. I hadn’t had this version before, tasty pieces of crispy potato in chip style were topped with dollops of mayo and tomato. Addictive enough to order another round.

I also love the padron peppers, the simple loveliness of char-grilling and salt is wonderful. Lomo, and croquettes (especially the ham ones) were delicious too. Calamari was my least favourite, it was deep fried calamari rings and just paled a bit in comparison to everything else.

Pleasant Pricing Surprise

We had loads of food, a few drinks each and our bill came to $75 per head, inclusive of GST and service. That was partly because of our Sentosa resident friends who had a super special discount card for 15% off. So find yourself a Sentosa resident and off you go!

Why FOC and not Tanjong Beach Club? 

I was going to base this whole article on a comparison between the two, but I decided that would be just regurgitating what I’ve written about Tanjong Beach Club before. The reason, for me, that FOC pips is Tanjong is probably an age related thing. At the end of the day, I’d rather be chilling out than hanging out with the beautiful people parading their bodies around a beach club. Added to that is the fact that FOC’s food really is excellent, it’s a no brainer for me. And you’ve still got the pool if you really want the beach club vibe. Win-win really.

FOC Sentosa
110 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa
Open Tuesday to Friday 11.30am to 11.00pm (last kitchen order: 9.30pm, Fridays: 10.00pm)
Saturday & Sunday 11.30am to 11.00pm (last kitchen order: 10.00pm, Sundays: 9.30pm)
PH Eve 11.30am to 11.00pm (last kitchen order: 10.00pm)
PH 11.30am to 11.00pm (last kitchen order: 9.30pm)


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