It’s goodbye from Singapore Foodie

Sorry for radio silence over the past month or so. You may remember that Singapore Foodie was hacked. What this meant was that Google took a great disliking to the site and although the problems were fixed, the traction of the site was lost. After spending nearly four years building Singapore Foodie, it was a very sad day when I realised that, to some extent at least, all that hard work was lost. Those who know anything about the interwebs and SEO (search engine optimisation) will know that traffic is key to a blog’s or website’s success. No traffic = no banana. Or char kway teow or dosai or big breakfast at Forty Hands. Coincidentally (or not, who knows?) at around the same time Husband learnt that his job in Singapore was coming to an end. The combination of both these events means that Singapore Foodie will be no more.

Yep, that’s right. Singapore Foodie is bidding farewell to you all. Luckily, the hacking incident didn’t mean that any of the 267 blogs I’ve written over the past four years were lost, they’re still there, and I’ll keep the site up for the time being.

So thanks for joining the ride, I hope Singapore Foodie was a trusted place for you to find food reviews and recommendations in Singapore. And I hope to see you somewhere, some time in the future.

I’m not sure what’s next for me. Another big part of my life in Singapore has been working for a non-government organisation, Tabitha Foundation and their sister the Nokor Tep Society (Singapore). Both these organisations are focussed on raising money for a Cambodian based charity that is working to bring the poorest people out of poverty, and to build the first women’s hospital in Cambodia. This work has helped develop my passion for impact and I plan to leverage that to find myself a new and exciting role in Sydney.

Anyway, enough of that. Right now I’m in Spain, and there is some jamon somewhere close by that I need to go and eat 🙂

Wishing all of you the very best of eating in the years ahead.

Foodie love,


  1. Katy Beechey says:

    😭 Thanks for sharing your scrupulous foodie love with us all.

  2. Oh well. Do blog about Sydney…

  3. Greg Benjamin says:

    Thanks for all your useful insights. I used a lot of your information while planning our holidays a couple of years ago and got to try some stops that I would have never knew existed.

  4. Goodbye Singapore, hello Sydney! Hope the move goes well and that you find your dream job in Sydney! Xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing your food adventures 🙂 I hope they don’t stop and that we will continue to hear more from you from Sydney! 🙂 Loved your blogs!

  6. Very sorry to hear this 🙁

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading SF over the years, and you were pretty much the only Singapore food blogger whose company I could actually tolerate, and even enjoy 😉

    The girls and I wish you and M all the best, and hope we can catch up in the old country at some point in the not-too-distant future.

  7. Hey Tori, really sad that you’re leaving SG; was so looking forward to working more on tours together. As you say, the next – Sydneyside – chapter awaits; wish you success and happiness with it.
    Keep in touch!
    All best, Jane