The New Quayside Vibe

quayside If you haven’t been to Quayside at Robertson Quay for a while, you’re in for a treat. After months (feels like years) of reconstruction work, the whole area has re-opened with a slick new look and great options for eating out. The Quayside area, so named for the condo at 60 Robertson Quay, offers you a whole lotta dining options in a picturesque spot by the river.

I’ve already written about Summerlong, probably my favourite of the new kids on the block. And lots of old favourites are still here too, like Decker Barbecue, Super Loco and Les Bouchons. It’s just that everything’s a whole lot prettier now, plus there are some great, new, options to try out. Note that there are still a few tweaks being made to the area, but every time I visit there’s a bit less construction and a bit more loveliness.

TEN Sushi by Marusaya

Of the places I visited recently as part of a small media group* TEN Sushi impressed me the most. The boss is Kaz (pronounced Cash) and he has a whole lotta enthusiasm for his little sushi bar. What I liked most about the menu is that the portions sizes aren’t massive so you can easily share a few things in a group of two or three.

Decker BBQ

decker barbecueIf it’s meat you’re after, Decker is your new best friend. The outdoor seating makes Decker a great, casual option for after work dinner, or a relaxed catch up with friends. The meat platters to share are the best option, and reasonably priced too. You can read more here.

Super Loco

Super Loco wasn’t as badly affected by all the work that happened at Quayside as some of the other venues. No doubt though, with the whole area being so much more pleasant now that means Super Loco benefits as well. I really like their Mexican style brunch, lots of different options and they’re well done. Coffee is also ok, although not as good as Common Man which isn’t far away. You can read more here.

Les Bouchons Rive Gauche

The popular French bistro has been around Robertson Quay for years. Some time last year they moved to the current location, tucked into a corner next to Summerlong, closer to the city. It’s not quite as nice as the direct riverside location they used to occupy, but you can rely on consistently decent French food. Another good thing is their reasonably priced wine list, including carafes (500cl) for those not in the mood for a whole bottle. You also have a choice of two champagnes at less than $100 a bottle.


This modern Indian concept is a brand new addition to Quayside. Well kind of. It used to be called The Curry Culture and did a great curry. I haven’t eaten here as the new incarnation but they’ve added a modern twist to things and it’s definitely worth checking out.


It might be a strange subtitle but I’m writing this for those who may be new to Singers. Unfortunately, even with the whole refurb, the toilet situation remains the same. There are only a couple of central toilets along this stretch of river, the one I know is behind Summerlong. I guess we’re largely spoilt in Singapore, but using public toilets does seem to involve an inevitable gross out factor. Just a warning but if you have a choice whether to go to the toilet before or after you’re at Quayside, I suggest you go before!

Quayside at Robertson Quay
Behind the InterContinental Hotel at 60 Robertson Quay

*I was able to briefly attend a media tasting but most of the above reviews are based on my own personal experiences.