A Ninja Bowl of Deliciousness

Are you a fan of the bowl food trend? Did you know that food tastes better when it’s served in a bowl? I guess that’s why there’s a whole lot of places like Ninja Bowl currently serving up food in a bowl around Singapore at the moment. There’s actually evidence to support this theory too. Apparently it’s not so much about what we eat as to how we eat it that influences our taste buds. Hmmmm. Well I do know I like food in a bowl so let’s just go with that for now.

ninja4One of the pleasing aspects of food in a bowl is that the ingredients look more cosy all nestled up in the bowl beside each other. Which is exactly how they present them at Ninja Bowl, a new little set up on Duxton Road. The Japanese inspired bowls at Ninja Bowl feature a range of choices.

On our visit we chose a Buta bowl and a Tsukiji bowl. I felt like something hearty so the idea of the Buta bowl with Japanese char siew, an onsen egg, cherry tomatoes, roasted pumpkin and pickled apple sounded like the right combination. When my bowl arrived I was very pleased to see that the portion size was generous. The combination was also hearty, the meat was good, very tender and the mix of veggies complemented the meat. The apple was also a nice, fresh addition that lightened up the bowl. The bowls on the menu are $14 but they suggest you add on a choice of rice, quinoa, orzo or greens ($3). I’d gone for quinoa but next time I’d try this weigh greens instead, it felt a bit heavy with quinoa.

On the other hand the Tsukiji bowl ($16), a tuna bowl named after the famous Tokyo fish market, was a light and tasty combination for M. This bowl was served with beautifully seared tuna, asparagus, tomato pickles and an onsen egg. The combination, including quinoa, was very pleasing to M and she gobbled it all happily. There are also vegetarian versions as well as chicken, salmon, unagi and more.

ninja3We both decided to try the Ninja Bowl fresh and light sounding drinks as well. M went for Ume Ginger lemonade and mine was the coconut lemon mint. Both good but not blow your mind, especially for $8. Service is swift and, as is the trend now, you order and pay at the bar then sit down and wait for food to come. After our food we also peered into the luscious looking cake window. I’m not a cake fan but M most definitely is and she had to tear herself away from the delicious looking creations. I think this week she’d have a hard time leaving without cake with the Chope promo that’s on 😉 Apparently if you book with Chope using the promo code below and spend $30 you’ll get a free slice of cake. Mmmmm, can’t complain about that.

We also chatted with the friendly staff and I found the cafe itself to be a cute little place that had a warmth to it. If you visit during lunch I suggest making a reservation. We just managed to chop a table for the two of us when someone conveniently left as we finished ordering.
Ninja Bowl
15 Duxton Road, Singapore
phone +65 6222 8055
Open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm
Use promo code CE7NB when you book to get a free slice of cake!