For a Rosé Kind of Day

The tropics are pretty much the perfect environment for enjoying rosé, on any day. Over the last six years of my life here I’ve developed quite a penchant for a pinky coloured wine. During that time there has been somewhat of a trend evolving towards pink coloured drinks, and the benefits are many for us in Singapore.

I personally enjoy both white wine, red wine, rosé and even the odd sweet wine. In Singapore though it feels less natural to drink red wine, particularly if you’re outside in the heat. For me, white wine is normally a drink I enjoy with a meal. Rosé is more of an aperitif or a wine that you can drink easily with little food. I thought a post about rosé might be helpful to let you in on a few secrets about where to find the best, and most reasonably priced, rosy coloured wine.

The Special Rosé

Whispering Angel and Miravel are both at the top of my pink list. Granted it’s partly because the bottle shape is so pretty 😉 Of course Brad and Angelina own the winery that makes Miravel so that obviously sways me too. Both wines are dry and clean and you can enjoy them with or without food.

Robert at Wine Exchange Asia often has either or both for around $45 per bottle plus delivery charges.

The Old Faithful

The first rosé that really got me hooked in Singapore came from Wine Connection. I remember plenty of Sunday afternoons spent sipping a few glasses of Cep d’Or and wrestling with the dilemma of whether to go home or continue to partake. Rosé somehow makes it all more fun and the lack of pretence at Wine Connection Cheese Bar on Unity Street still lures me in occasionally.

The Cep d’Or is consistently offered at $34++ per bottle and it’s a steal. The quality is decent but you will find after more than a few glasses it gets a bit sugary on the palate.

A Quaffing Rosé

inside le comptoirExcellent service experiences don’t come that often. When I visited O’Comptoir on Circular Road recently I had reason to be pleasantly surprised. I sat down, alone, for a quick drink whilst waiting for a friend. I ordered a glass of the house rosé, which turned out to be a lovely drop. The very helpful waiter advised that I could take away a bottle for only $30++. So if you’re in town and need to grab a bottle to take somewhere, this turns out to be an excellent option. Or you could just enjoy it there and grab some food whilst you’re at it. You can read more about O’Comptoir here.

The Consistent Rosé

Increasingly around town you’ll find AIX rosé offered at bars and restaurants. AIX has become somewhat of a standard for a lovely drop of rosé at a fairly reasonable price when you’re out and about. You’ll find it at Botanico ($80++) per bottle, Oxwell’s ($75++), Artemis ($85++), Fat Prince ($85++), Sacha & Sons ($50++) and Open Farm Community (price varies, read more here).

Please feel free to share more venues below! 

A Handy Tip 

the wine connection barMost of you probably realise I’m an Aussie and I am fond of an Aussie wine. In the case of rosé though I regret to say that I’ve never tried an Australian bottle that compares with the French rosés.  Every time I try I find them too sweet, or too acidic on the tongue. I put it down to the colour. Australian rosés are often wayyy too pink. French rosé on the other hand, and particularly those from Provence, have a subtle pink colour and a dry, clean finish that makes them super quaffable.