I was so excited to hear about the opening of Summerlong at Robertson Quay. Not only is it in my ‘hood, it also ticked my boxes for that laid back, tropical style venue, serving food that isn’t just more of the same bland brunch options, AND the management have a proven track record of opening good venues. Tick, tick, tick, cue anticipation building. I finally managed to book us a table on the weekend my Sydney bestie was in town. Happy days.

The first thing to note is that I will be heading back to Summerlong, the food was great, coffee by Sarnies is excellent and the venue is fabulous. I guess you know what’s coming though don’t you? I’ll just get it over with. Please do read on because it truly isn’t all bad, in fact much of it is wonderful. The service though, was terrible. There was a lot of comedy in it, granted, but I expect more from a group that already runs two other great venues. [Note that I’ve now returned on two separate occasions and I can happily say that the service has improved markedly. Julian is front of house so if you have any problems get him on the case and he’ll help you out.]

The Venue

I mentioned the setting before and I have to say again just how good I think it is. Whilst the space looks beautiful, it’s also super comfortable, and tables aren’t ridiculously close together. The beach club vibe is spot on and in perfect keeping with the space by the river. Summerlong describes itself as having a ‘Beachside Vibe’ with ‘Mediterranean Soul’. Which is a fairly good description. Note that brunch is only offered on weekends and they do not open until 11.30am. This makes it more of an adult friendly brunch venue, as opposed to child friendly. They’re also open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday.


The brunch menu has a good variety of choices. They include a meze buffet option where you can enjoy a selection of any two choices for $15++ or three for $19++. The a la carte options include light starters such as labneh (creamy cheese) with dukkah and bread or granola with buckwheat, yoghurt, poached pear and nuts. The heartier options include pancakes, fried eggs and a lamb burger.

My choice of the Turkish breakfast ($32++) worked beautifully for me. I added a side of eggs ($7++), because brunch isn’t brunch for me without eggs. The portion size was good, I shared my sausages with Husband and skipped on the tangerines but otherwise ate the entire meal. Highlights were the olives, seriously good olives, mushrooms sautéed simply with just enough herbs and oil, labneh with dukkah and the beans. The sourdough was also perfectly toasted and light.

Husband went for fried chicken ($25++), he always finds it hard to resist chook on the menu. Whilst he enjoyed it I think he wished he’d gone for a more breakfasty option (like I said about the eggs 😉 ) He was however, very happy with his order of fries, these crispy treats arrived before our mains and we devoured the salty, paprika-ey covered morsels with delight.

B went for the sous vide eggs with smoked salmon, capers and shallots on rye ($20++). This was a nice and light option, and perfect for a soft egg lover.

Room for Improvement

I’ve removed my write up about our comical service experience since I’ve completely changed my view since our first visit. Summerlong really have improved things in their first few months and after two more visits I’m convinced the changes are here to stay 🙂


The Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
Open Tuesday to Friday 5pm to midnight
Open Saturday and Sunday 11.30am to 3pm and 6pm to midnight (soon to open at 11am on weekends)


  1. +1 on the bizarre service. everything from seating to ordering (and of course re-ordering) to paying (but not before fixing an error on the bill) was so protracted.

    loved the Turkish brekky too but thought it could have been plated better instead 19 little plates for all the individual bits n bobs – i mean I love stuff “on the side” but this was hectic. also would have been a nice touch had they been a little more veg-friendly (or flexi) by offering an alternative for the sausages. they refused to swap so i just did without.

    real yummy labneh and avocado smash

    definitely a nice looking place.. great setup by the river etc but average experience overall.